For the Best Emergency Automotive Locksmith Services

If you’re locked out of your vehicle, call Locksmith San Francisco for:

  •  A live, local dispatcher who is ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  •  A trained and certified professional locksmith who can handle any lock-out emergency.
  •  A mobile unit that is fully equipped to make replacement keys, repair or replace locks, extract broken keys, and more – wherever you are.

We’ll get to you fast and get you on you way quickly and efficiently!

Locksmith San Francisco is a local locksmith and security company serving the San Francisco area. Our dispatchers are available to answer your call 24/7 and our mobile units are always nearby.

Our friendly, courteous locksmiths are trained to work on any vehicle including:

  •         Automobiles and trucks of all makes and models.
  •         Semi-trucks
  •         Motorcycles
  •         RVs and Campers
  •         Construction Equipment
Our mobile units are fully equipped to provide full on-site services including:

  •         Replace lost keys.
  •         Extract broken keys.
  •         Re-key, repair, or replace, change and install ignition switch.
  •         Repair, replace, re-key, and install door, trunk, and lock cylinders.
  •         Repair or replace programmed car keys including chip keys and transponder keys, and VATS keys.

Two Ways to Be Prepared

If you’re not in an emergency situation, this is the very best time to prepare for a situation that may come up at any time. You can do two simple things right now that could save you time and money in an emergency.

Take care of any issues you are aware of right now!

“The client’s car was right in her driveway,” recalls Art Mansfield, one of our Mobile Locksmiths. “And when I pulled up next to the car, I could see that the driver’s door was unlocked. I was a little puzzled.”

The problem was that the spare tire was locked to the back of the SUV and the lock was completely frozen. The car owner realized she couldn’t even insert the key into the cylinder and called Locksmith San Francisco.”

“That was a good decision,” Art says. “She may never need that spare, but if she does, she’ll be able to unlock it and get it off the rack.”

You don’t have to wait for an emergency. Locksmith San Francisco can make duplicate keys, replace lost or stolen keys, repair locks and cylinder and much more. And we can do it any time – at your convenience.

Take a moment right now to enter our number into your cell phone’s contact list.

“Lock-out emergencies seem to happen at the worst possible time,” Art says. “One client was at the super market when she got a call that her daughter had just gone into labor with her first grandchild. She was so excited that she dropped her keys in the trunk with her groceries and slammed the lid closed.”

Luckily, Locksmith San Francisco had replaced her residential locks nearly a year before and our number was still in her phone’s contact list. “I was in the neighborhood,” Art adds with a smile. “I got to her right away and it just took a minute to get her trunk open and she was on her way.”

Locksmith San Francisco: Before and After

Before you find yourself in an emergency situation:Call Locksmith San Francisco to:

  •         Replace bent and worn keys
  •         Repair or replace sticking cylinders and ignition switches
  •         Identify and repair issues with electronic locks that are not working properly

Be sure you have our number in you contact list!

After you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle (or have any other locking emergency):

 Call Locksmith San Francisco!