How to Replace an Ignition Switch

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People decide to replace the ignition switch in their cars for a wide range of reasons. It may not be working properly anymore, or you may discover that there is some sort of issue with the key. Sometimes you simply want to change the key for the ignition, although that task may be difficult, as you will probably need some sort of microchip in most modern cars. No matter the reason, it is possible to replace the ignition switch in any car, and you can either have it done by a professional or attempt to do the job yourself. Removing the...

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How to Program a Toyota Transponder Chip Key

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If you want to make an additional key for your Toyota vehicle, you most likely won’t be able to simply get a key cut at your local hardware store for a few dollars. That is because almost every single key for autos made after (or during) the 1990s is actually a transponder chip key, meaning that simply cutting it will not let you start your car. What Is a Transponder Chip Key? Simply put, transponder chip keys contain a transponder chip that corresponds to one within the ignition system, and in order for the car to turn on, this key’s chip...

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