Your Commercial and Business Security Partner

Every business has unique security requirements. Whether you have an office, a store, a neighborhood shop, an office or apartment building, a warehouse, factory, or multiple locations, you need to provide adequate security for:

  Your business property and assets.

  •  Your employees.
  •  Your customers and clients.

San Francisco Locksmith is a local company providing first class security to local businesses. Because we live and work right here, we understand the unique business environments around San Francisco. Our trained, certified professional locksmiths know how to help you select the right equipment and make sure it’s properly installed.

Our business line of high performance locks and devices includes:

  • Entry Locks including keypad locks that allow you to assign a unique code to each user. Some locks even send a report to your computer to let you know who has opened the lock and when.
  • Panic Bars for exterior doors that need to be securely locked and yet allow fast emergency exits for employees and customers.
  • Interior Locks that allow you to establish secure interior areas of buildings such as warehouses, hospitals, and schools. Such areas might include computer rooms and area where confidential, high value, or high risk items are kept.
  • A Complete Line of Safes including under counter deposit safes and media and data safes.
  • Specialty Safety Devices such as wide-angle peepholes for apartment doors.

Our Free Business Assessment and Estimate Service

At your request, we’ll send one of our business security experts to your premises to help you identify your specific risks and recommend solutions.

“I love working with our business clients,” says John Chang, who began to specialize in business security early in his 22 year locksmith career. “Some times, you have to step outside the box to come up with a business solution and it’s both challenging and rewarding.”

On one occasion, John was discussing door locks on the apartments in a 10 unit building when the owner mentioned how often he was called at all hours to handle lock-outs. Not only were the calls annoying, but sometimes tenants called locksmiths who damaged the doors or did unnecessary work.

“As I was telling him about our 24/7 emergency lock-out services, I started thinking about what we could do to help him with his specific problem. In the end, we came up with an arrangement for us to handle all his lock-outs. His tenants get a break on their prices and he never has to worry about damaged doors, poor quality replacement locks, or late night calls.”

What Can We Do For You?

Most business owners are well aware of common security risks, but often, important risks are overlooked either because you don’t recognize them or because you don’t know that solutions are available.

At Locksmith San Francisco, we specialize in

  • Helping you identify the risks unique to your business and property.
  • Making sure you get the best solutions to meet all of your risks.

To that we’ve added the best business services in the area:

  • We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for complete follow-up and emergency service.
  • Our locksmiths are trained, certified professionals.
  • We offer a full range of locks, safes, and other devices to meet every business security requirement.
  • Our expert installers are trained to install all equipment to manufacturer’s standards.

We are the security experts you need to make sure your business premises and assets are safe and secure.

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