Innovative Locksmith Solutions to Beef up Vehicle Security

Innovative Locksmith Solutions to Beef up Vehicle Security

Posted by on May 11, 2015 in Locksmith

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One of the most important things to do is protect your home, business, automobiles, and other locking frameworks. This goal is also something that reputable locksmiths work to achieve. Using different tools and techniques, qualified locksmiths have the ability to boost the level of security regardless of your need.

Keep in mind that because the approach taken varies from one locksmith to another, it is important to choose a trusted company, one with certified or licensed professionals and preferably years of experience in the industry.

Obviously, increasing security at home and work is essential, but with the number of automobile thefts on the rise, you do not want to overlook the value of beefing up security on your vehicle as well. Not only will this deter a break-in or theft, better vehicle security will often result in discounts on insurance.

Effective Security Measures

Although there are many different ways to beef up security on your automobile, two in particular stand out. One is with a high-tech car alarm and security system and the other with a state-of-the-art transponder key.

To stay on top of sophisticated criminals, security system makers have been forced to come up with innovative solutions. Along with there being more options, car alarms and security systems are remaining relatively affordable. At one time, having a security system on a vehicle was more a sign of success, but today, it has become a necessity.

Locksmiths not only change out locks and help people get into locked vehicles, but also install and repair security systems. As far as alarms, you can go with a passive or active system. Passive means when the alarm is set, the engine cannot be turned on; with active systems, you would be required to press down a transmitter button in order to arm and disarm.

Another way to beef up security on your vehicle is by using transponder keys. These keys are designed to transmit radio signals to the system located behind the steering wheel. Based on the signal emitted, the system responds accordingly. Within the key is a microchip with an encrypted code. This code is also assigned to the receiver.

If a signal is emitted but not received or recognized, the vehicle’s engine will not start. Transponder keys are nothing new to the market, but there have been technological advances that make them safer and more effective. Again, a licensed locksmith can assist with any issue pertaining to transponder keys.

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