Key Benefits of Digital Locks for Personal Safes

Key Benefits of Digital Locks for Personal Safes

Posted by on Mar 1, 2015 in Locksmith

A digital safe lock

Multiple options exist for secure locks used on personal safes, with some better than others. Along with traditional mechanical type combination locks, many people now rely on digital locks.

What Is a Digital Safe Lock?

A digital safe lock works off the same principal as a traditional lock. However, instead of using a dial, you must enter a designated code into a keypad that unlocks the safe door. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Turning a dial to lock and unlock the safe is not required.
  • The safe door locks automatically when shut, which in turn keeps items inside better protected.
  • Safe doors are often left open because it takes too much time and effort to work the dial of a traditional lock, but this creates a very serious risk. Digital safe locks are easier to use while providing optimal protection.
  • Digital safe locks cannot be manipulated by inputting repeated or random codes.
  • Digital safe locks run on a motor-driven bolt operation and can be set up to work in conjunction with a security alarm, security system, or closed caption surveillance.
  • Time delay programming is possible.
  • At the owner’s discretion, codes can be changed without professional assistance.
  • The keypad of a digital lock is much easier to read, with most having some type of background illumination.

Other Things to Consider

Digital locks on personal safes are far more efficient and secure when compared to older locking mechanisms. Unfortunately, these locks have been given a bad rap by some people. This is only because some people purchase inexpensive and poorly made locks that cause continual problems, such as the keypad not accepting the code, as well as opening and locking the safe door.

A top brand digital lock is always best, even if it means spending a little more money. Loaded with benefits, especially enhanced security, the money is well-spent. Because digital locks are made from various materials, boast unique features, and work in different ways, you will need to conduct research prior to making a purchase.


  • Any digital lock should have a non-volatile memory. Otherwise, the battery can be removed, causing the combination to revert to the factory default setting. Within minutes, virtually anyone could gain access to the safe without using tools.
  • On the inside of the safe wall, the memory board should be stored. If placed on the exterior, the keypad could be removed without much effort, allowing the battery to be hotwired and unauthorized people to access the safe within minutes.
  • When problems arise with the primary lock due to lock malfunction, burglary attempt, or user error, a key bypass system is an excellent solution.

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