When It Absolutely Has to Be Safe

Every business has some assets that absolutely have to be kept safe. That’s why, sooner or later, most businesses invest in at least one safe. Too often, though, businesses don’t seriously consider a safe until they have suffered a significant loss.

Clearly, sooner is better, but getting the right safe for your business requires the same careful consideration you give to your other important business purchases. You need to be sure you get:

  •         The right type and size to meet your needs.
  •         The right locking mechanism.
  •         The right location for both convenience and accessibility.

Finally, you want to make sure your safe is properly installed. Wall safes and under-the-counter safes obviously require installation, but many floor safes can be bolted in place and also need proper installation.

Your Safe Connection

At Locksmith San Francisco, we specialize in providing safes and all of the support services to meet every business requirement. Our line of quality safes includes:

Data Safes:

If you perform regular back-ups of your files and data, you need safe storage for your information. The greatest risk for electronic media is fire and water damage. Our fire and water resistant data safes are available in sizes ranging from small table top units to large storage cabinets.

Office Safes:

An office safe is a convenient, easy solution for anything that needs to be both secure and accessible including cash and checks until they can be deposited in a bank.

Deposit Safes:

For businesses that engage in frequent cash transactions during the business day, deposit safes provide a quick, easy way for employees to secure cash receipts without opening the safe itself.

Standard Safes:

For some businesses, a basic safe of the appropriate size can serve several functions. For example, several employees can use the same safe to secure client information. With a keypad lock, each employee can have their own code and with some locks, you can use your computer to track who has opened the safe and when.

Specialty Safes:

Specialty safes are designed to meet special requirements. For example, some safes are equipped with display drawers for jewelry or rare coins. The drawers are can be used in display cabinets during business hours and easily and quickly secured in the safe when the store is closed. Other safes are designed as cabinets to store high risk items such as guns or pharmaceuticals that may be particularly targeted by intruders.


Our Personalized Service

At Locksmith San Francisco, we recognize that every business is unique and each has particular requirements and budget concerns that must be taken into consideration. That’s why we assign an experienced business security expert to work with you to identify your needs and suggest the safe and locking mechanism that will meet them perfectly.

“Most people either over estimate or under estimate the size of the safe they’re going to need,” says Tony DeMarco, one of our business consultants. “We ask a lot of questions to help business owners clarify their needs to make sure they get the right type of safe and the right size to do the job.”

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